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Altis Life Update - 2021-07-09 - July Content Update




  • Conquest "Hotzones"
    • 1 zone is converted to a Hotzone that rewards double the points
    • Alternates randomly between points, there is a 3 minute notification stating which point will be selected
    • Hotzone exists for 7 minutes after which it presents a notification and selects a new point
  • FAK+
    • Virtual First aid kits & FAK+ added to all general stores/markets
    • Does not make a healing icon appear on your scoll actions
      • Option to enable/disable scroll action in y menu
      • Custom scroll appears at the bottom of all actions, the vanilla FAK appears at the top
    • Bound to Custom Action 5
  • Altis Penitentiary Rework
    • Jail has received a significant overhaul - @ Diamond_drop
      • Anti Air has been moved into the Jail compound
      • Jail has received a visitation area
      • Causing a failure of the prison security system now opens other areas of the prison that are inaccessible elsewise
      • APD specific gates that can be opened for flanking in the compound
  • APD now receive rewards for terminating the pharmaceutical
  • Another garage at Pyrgos HQ
  • Another gate at Pyrgos HQ
  • Vest size now increases virtual inventory size (140 cap)
  • Various objects to certain conquest points
  • RnR Red Flare & Marshals Cap
  • SWAT deaths and kills are now calculated in the Conquest Prize Pool
  • Advertisement billboards all around the map
  • SAPD Stealth fatigues
  • Casino blacklists 
    • If you want to be PERMANENTLY blacklisted from being able to use the casino you can make a general inquiry.
  • June Donation Goal - Nameable Loadouts
    • Loadouts now have a custom GUI that you can direct to from the weapon shop
    • You can input names and view the primary weapon of the loadout and the vest
  • Texture Additions



  • Northwest Airfield Vehicle spawns
  • Network performance enhancements
  • Locality of Black Market Mushroom's exterior walls
  • Option to add a custom plate to vehicles that do not support it
  • Event gear not wiping while players were in clothing menus
  • Panagia Conquest Rebel marker
  • Vehicles that blow up inside of Conquest zones are now returned to the players garage without losing insurance
  • Conquest Prize pool gear updated
  • Athira Radio tower marker
  • Kavala HQ boat garage ramps
  • Gang Base shack door not opening
  • Gang Base containers rotation
  • OPlus not being able to set OPlus Title Color
  • Lollypop Icon missing
  • RnR being able to rob gas stations
  • Speed bomb installing animation
  • Staff Directory on Loading Screen
  • Marking Blackwater Vehicles
  • All Conquest Rebels being usable regardless of which Conquest zone is active
  • Ability to claim own vehicles
  • Players name after soft restart when impounding a vehicle
  • House Owners name being outdated
  • Pull out unconscious not working if the vehicle is flipped
    • Vehicles need to be flipped upright before pulling out bodies
    • Players can now unflip vehicles without keys so long as they are disabled/flipped
  • Titles that you no longer have access to are properly removed
  • Ability to spawn at gang base during skirmish
  • Cop loadouts not saving
  • Adjusted player variables in order to improve performance 
  • APS Delivery van appearing twice in shops
  • EAF Carrier Rig not saving to rebel loadout 


  • CQC Woodpiles on Salt Flats
  • Texture Removals
    • Bape Qilin
    • RnR Quadbike
    • RnR Hellcat
    • RnR Gokart
    • Two-Tone Offroad
    • Joker Suit
    • Vanguard Ghosthawk, Uniform & Hummingbird
    • America Hummingbird
    • Chocolate Ghillie
    • Black Tempest
    • Barbie Qilin
    • Batman Hunter
    • Grave Digger Hunter
    • Tan Ghillie Suit
    • Electric Wetsuit
    • AAN Van
    • Vandal Orca
    • Gang Wars Billboard
    • Minor redundant textures
    • DB Gang Uniform & Ifrit
    • BC Gang Uniform

As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

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