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Altis Life Update - 2021-08-03 - August Content Update




  • APD Undercover
    • Active Duty sAPD can go undercover which will mask their identity as a normal civilian 
    • Undercover Agents can reveal/hide their identity at any time if required
    • Only two undercovers can be active at a time
      • Able change their in-game name at APD HQs in order to assist them in their role
      • Undercovers have access to the normal civilians and rebel clothing at their store
      • Undercovers will not have access to extra weapons beyond their standard arsenal
      • Undercovers will have an additional tag only visible by APD members to differentiate them from Civilians
      • Undercovers have methods of revealing themselves as an APD member
        • Show Badge
          • Can be displayed via Windows Key > Show Badge
          • Shows the rank, real name and last 4 digits of player ID to the player the badge is presented to 
        • Reveal Identity
          • Changes players name back to real name, color and rank
  • Conquest Titles (37 New Titles!)
    • Civilian Titles
      • Kill Titles
      • Death Titles
        • (50) Death Timer Observer
        • (100) Anger Issues
        • (250) Desk Slammer
        • (500) HE'S TANKING!
        • Top Conquest Deaths: Class Clown
      • Capture Titles
        • (10) Master of the SDAR
        • (25) Logistical Genius
        • (50) Flag Boy
        • (100) Winning but not Spinning
        • Top Conquest Flag Captures: Rat Capper
    • SWAT Titles
      • SWAT Exclusive Title Color
      • Rank Titles
        • SWAT Trainee
        • SWAT Private
        • SWAT Private First Class
        • SWAT Corporal
        • SWAT Specialist
        • SWAT Sergeant
        • SWAT Lieutenant
        • SWAT Commander
      • Kill Titles
        • (50) Outgunned
        • (100) Operator
        • (250) Ifrit Ripper
        • (500) Tracksuit Destroyer
        • Top SWAT Kills: *****
      • Death Titles
        • (50) Deep Breaths
        • (100) Benched for Life
        • (250) Born to Lose
        • Top SWAT Deaths: Water Boy
      • Capture Titles
        • (10) Breacher
        • (25) Assault Specialist
        • (50) Back Capper
        • Top SWAT Captures: PTFO
  • Ignition Bombs
    • Car bomb with similar explosive yield to speedbombs which will activate when the vehicle engine is turned on
    • Costs: $750,000
  • Red flare to Pararescue+
  • Improved lighting at Sofia Hospital
  • Texture Additions
  • Ability for players to treat other players using the new FAK+ and Virtual FAK
    • Windows key on an player and the give button will either be "Treat Person" or "Give" depending if the player is below 75 hp and you do not have any normal FAK kits


  • Revive Cost/Reward Revise:
    • Revive cost for players under 10 hours is free
    • Revive cost for new players is 50% off (7.5K)
    • RnR medics receive an additional monetary according to their RnR rank
      • Rank 2 (Basic Paramedic) = Payout + $1000
      • Rank 3 (Adv. Paramedic) = Payout + $2000
      • Rank 4 (S&R)= Payout + $3000
      • Rank 5 (Pararescue) = Payout + $4000
      • Rank 6+ (Supervisor) = Payout + $5000
  • Revise Certain Map Markers
  • Gang base now has a 10 player cap
    • Players who try to capture the gang base with more than 10 players will receive a cooldown which prevents them from capturing it again
  • The Federal Reserve now has 1 additional vault within the North-East dome
    • Only one of the two vaults can be active at once
    • If one vault is finished, the other cannot be started until the federal event cooldown is finished
  • Progress made towards repairing a vehicle will save in between attempts 
    • If the vehicle is further damaged or moved, progress will be reset  
  • Airdrop crates will be sealed upon landing 
    • Civilians can unseal the airdrop through a 45 second action
  • Food and Water degrades slowly by 1% each time rather than 10%
    • Time between each update have been adjusted accordingly
  • Updated Staff Intro to reflect recent promotions, congratulations! @ Doc  @ Martinezzz  @ Rafa @ Bubbaloo Burrito  @ Maddox  @ Peterr  @ Diamond_drop
  • Revised APD Blackwater HQ
  • Kavala Rebel Redesign 
  • Rebel Boat Location 
  • Reverted Cocaine Processor design 
  • Minor changes to Jail
  • Frog and Mushroom Processor walls are now destructible
  • Athira Peach Field moved closer to city
  • You can now give keys, items & cash to players without the need of using windows keys
  • Cops can no longer exit/enter vehicles without unlocking the vehicle within conquest 
  • You now earn 1 extra War Point when killing someone within 200 meters of a conquest capture point
  • APD Unarmed Huron lowered from Lieutenant to Sergeant
  • Conquest capture points captured by SWAT will now display SWAT rather than APD
  • Corporals can now request airdrop at the APD market NPC
    • Corporals can now authorize Jr. APD lethals during an active airdrop
  • Civilians will now always spawn with at least 1 FAK+ when respawning
  • Players attempting to load loadouts within conquest will not have to go through the progress bar action
  • Players will now receive a warning before server time is adjusted to daytime
  • Adjusted sync button position for APD weapon shop
  • Players will have to confirm paying bail before having to pay bail
  • Terminating Pharmaceutical will now apply the escort cooldown
  • Adjusted vehicle variables for increased performance 
  • FAK+ and virtual FAKs 


  • Olystar Qilin not available for Olympus+ Subscribers
  • Not being able to access black-market gun store without a firearms license
  • Weapon attachments not going attaching directly onto the weapon
  • Using the Redgull hotkey will now use cupcakes
  • SWAT not receiving notifications for gangs capturing Conquest points 
  • Not being able to sell raw materials
  • Civilians being able to capture cartels with the lower calibres than required (5.56+)
  • PO Hex icon not working properly with APD Undercover
  • Conquest flag not working properly 
  • Titles getting unequipped improperly 
  • APD Armed Plane texture not applying 
  • Not being able to do certain actions whilst capturing the conquest capture points
  • Terminate Escort action still showing after the Pharmaceutical truck has spawned
  • SWAT not being able to access vehicle garages once they have captured the point
  • Issues with some vehicle data not fetching properly 
  • Killstreak not resetting when killed by a SWAT member
  • Killing SWAT members not counting towards killstreaks
  • Texture issues at Jail
  • Street Cleaner title
  • Mario Ifrit Donator Rank
  • Vigi Clothing Abibas Uniform in the backpack slot instead of the clothing slot


  • Texture Removal
    • Pink CSAT
    • Prada Gang Uniform 
    • Charon Gang Uniform 
    • S-TAC Gang Uniform 
    • Traplords Gang Uniform 
    • Jew Gang Uniform 
    • Ironmaners Gang Uniform 
    • District 12 Gang Vehicle 

As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.


Hotfix 1 - 08/05/21:


  • Titles Menu
    • Locked - Cop --> Locked - APD
    • Locked - Medic  --> Locked - RnR
  • Ignition Bomb Weight 5 -> 15
  • APD Group Map Marker Colour
  • RnR Group Map Marker Colour
  • RnR DNR Red Colour


  • Not being able to spawn at gang bases
  • Some Vehicle Markers being reversed
  • Sending a message to a UC revels their actual name
  • Duplicate Medical Assistance at Warzone Rebels
  • Conquest Monthly Skin
  • Binocular Looking at a UC would show their actual name
  • Not being able to close casino GUI
  • Rebel Clothing Issue
  • Restrained players in vehicle colour not being orange
  • Key Chain vehicle distance showing actual distance
  • Two Hotzones Spawning at S2 Conquest
  • Y-Menu Settings GUI Structure
  • Interaction Menu
    • Restrained by cop now shows "Handcuffed" at the top of the interaction menu and if restrained by civ it shows "Ziptied"
  • Undercover kill message in the chat


  • Ability for all players to see event vehicles on the map
  • Duplicate RnR Coast Guard Orca Skin
  • APD Vermin
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  • Love 2
  • Kreygasm 1
  • Downvote 2


Recommended Comments

25 minutes ago, Noble said:

@ Mako can undercovers get PC

APD handbook update will be coming out soon regarding UC rules

8 minutes ago, Doofenshmirtz said:

what rank is the hazmat suit available for 

It is available for deputies+ but will follow similar wetsuit rules regarding usage 

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3 minutes ago, Martinezzz said:

force tags?????

@ Martinezzz  Believe he's speaking about having gang tags be forced onto players names when they are in a gang so removes issues with engaging. Heard rumours its in works but also heard its not.

14 hours ago, Doc said:

It is available for deputies+ but will follow similar wetsuit rules regarding usage 


What is the use for the Hazmat suit purely RP or does it work with a mechanic?

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8 hours ago, Lush said:

Still waiting on Force Tags 

No. That would be aids. Its one thing if the gang/group leaders apply it but it should not be forced on everyone at all times.

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