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Altis Life Update - 2021-09-08 - September Content Update


  • Radioactive Fallout - Map Design:@ ZeRo
    • Radioactive fallout occurs randomly around the map depending on player population
      • The Radioactive Fallout zone can last for up to 30 minutes or until 500 Radioactive Material is gathered
      • Beware the fallout zone as the incoming missiles will destroy the surrounding area
    • Radioactive Material can be harvested from nearby broken barrels in the "Fallout Zone"
      • Radioactive Material can be sold to a legal trader or processed illegally into Uranium to be sold to an illegal trader
      • Harvesting a barrel can give you 2-5 Radioactive Materials
      • Radioactive Material sells for $7,500 + WPL bonuses. Illegal Uranium sells for $20,000.
    • Radioactive Material and Uranium is toxic, ensure you are wearing a Hazmat suit!
      • The radioactive fallout zone and illegal areas are also filled with radiation so beware!
      • Hazmat suit price increased to 50K
  • Vermin (Staff Sergeant+)
  • RnR Quadbike (Basic Paramedic+)
  • Suits to Olympus Plus
  • Casino Uses Titles
    • Slightly Addicted - 250 Uses
    • Family Issues - 500 Uses
    • I Need Rehab - 1000 Uses
    • Divorced - 2500 Uses
    • Sold The Kids - 5000 Uses
    • The Gambler - Most Uses
  • 2021 Conquest Loading Screen@ Peterr
  • Ability to change the map marker group players icon color 
    • Along with this the hex color picker is removed from the Y Menu and combined with the color picker menu
    • New GUI, color picker in the Y-Menu settings tab
  • Modifying Vehicle Colors now show you a preview of the color or the material, so you can see what it looks like
  • Safari hats to Rebel Clothing Shops
  • Ability to sit on chairs and benches using the action key
  • Texture Additions


  • Black Rebel Uniform adjusted
  • Reworked dynamic map system for a performance boost
  • Ghillie Suit prices to reflect the name bonus
  • Adjusted Gang War titles to reflect recent winners (Congratulations Teamplayers!)
  • Staff intro (new Staff and promoted Staff) @ Winters  @ King  @ Hurricane  @ Doc @ ZeRo
  • Discord, Teamspeak and Website map marker at the top of the map
  • Airdrop player count accounts for all factions now
  • Reduced Material prices for donor/O+ rvmats
    • All Material are now 1% of vehicle price
    • VRGold, Gold and Bullion retained their respective prices
  • Adjusted item purchase messages to be more consistent 
  • Kidney removal now forces player to walk instead of forced limping
  • Blackwater bomb timer 20M ➡ 25M
  • Organization of the Rebel Clothing Shops
  • APD Van from CorporalPatrol Officer
  • APD Escort error message from 'players' ➡ 'civilians'
  • Redesigned Air Hospital - Map Design: @ Maddox
  • Redesigned and moved Gang Base from Lakka to Zaros - Map Design: @ Maddox
  • Redesigned and moved Bank from Pyrgos to Neochori - Map Design: @ Maddox


  • Houses able to be bought by multiple people due to a bug
  • Lowered network throughput
  • Gangs mysteriously getting disbanded
  • APD Escort deleting bodies when completed
  • Killstreak bonus chat issue
  • Y-Menu giving money not updating after usage
  • Stolen vehicle menu not showing display names of the vehicles
  • Conquest capture bar flickering while on a cartel in Warzone
  • New Federal Reserve back doors not opened when the bomb is blown
  • Hexs showing on Debug Island
  • Client side charges not adding properly
    • Aiding in Evidence Lockup Robbery ($112,500)
    • Attp. Evidence Lockup Robbery ($82,500)
    • Grand Larceny ($75,000)
  • Qilin Minigun Price $150,000 ➡ $1,500,000
  • Terminating Escort Issue
  • FAK+ animation exploit
  • Spam capturing flags on conquest
  • Adjusted vehicle variables to improve performance
  • RGB Ifrit textures
  • Being able to get Pharma termination reward after the vehicle has already spawned in
  • All Ghillie Suits now reduce visibility of player names
  • As always, miscellaneous bugs
  • Significant general optimization


  • Armor Stacking (Server 3 Only)
    • Can only use Tier 1 and 2 Vest unless you manage to get a tier 4+ vest at an airdrop
    • G6c2cj3.png


As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

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Recommended Comments

  • Senior Developer
12 minutes ago, Doc said:

It has been adjusted so that if you are taking damage from radiation you won't get the healing affect. 

I don't recall being anywhere near a zone, and I'm not healing right now either. Full Food+Water. Don't get me wrong I never liked that, but it does appear that there's at least *something* up with it.

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15 minutes ago, codeYeTi said:

I don't recall being anywhere near a zone, and I'm not healing right now either. Full Food+Water. Don't get me wrong I never liked that, but it does appear that there's at least *something* up with it.

Will definitely take a look then to double check if there’s any issues with it


1 minute ago, Bushz said:

How many players need to be on to spawn the radioactive zone?

At least 60 players need to be on for certain amount of time before a fallout zone can occur.

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5 hours ago, Mike3895 said:

Moved the bank again… pygros side of the map is just dead space now lol

Unfortunately the previous location of the bank was horrible. Cops had to push thru sand heavily slowinf down their vehicle and could only push from one direction unless going thru the water. It was too one sided and banks were happening less and less often. Another thing to keep in mind is that the amount of money bags that spawn in the vault depends on how many unique cops show up to the bank, so if cops push more you will make more money. 

I think the bank is in a good location now, however my only concern are the two office building but we shall see how it ends up.

  • Clown 1
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