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Altis Life Update - 2019-11-24 - Late November Update




  • Confirmation log displaying fee for house listing
  • Contraband persists through restart and logins
  • A bonus warpoint for killing someone you are at war with in warzone
  • Possession of illegal equipment charge
  • APD can now pull vehicles from flagpole on cap
  • Staff KOS for Rabid, Chris, Hylos
  • Virtual items to saved loadouts
  • Medic
    • Medic hellcat for coordinators
    • Medic bandanas
    • Medic quadbike for basic paramedic
  • Titles
    • Title for most war kills "Merchant of War"
    • "Rebel Camper" for 250 vigilante arrests
    • Betting titles
      • Winner Chicken Dinner - Win 1 bet
      • Lucky - Win 5 bets
      • High Roller - Win 10 bets
      • On the Heater - Win 25 bets
      • What are Runs - Win 50 bets
      • I am the Casino - Win 100 bets
      • Card Counter - Win 150 bets
      • World Poker Champ - Win 250 bets
      • RIP My Money - Lose 1 bet
      • Let's Go Again - Lose 5 bets
      • Can I Have My Money Back - Lose 10 bets
      • Can I Get a 2nd Mortgage - Lose 25 bets
      • I Can't Count Cards - Lose 50 bets
      • Gambling Addict - Lose 100 bets
      • I Need Help - Lose 150 bets
      • Betters Anonymous - Lose 250 bets
  • Texture
    • Added a texture for the APH Qilin (Non-Donor) for Corporal Ranks or higher
    • Added a new design for a civilian (non-donor) “Galaxy” Ifrit
    • Added a new (non-donor) civilian / APD hatchback design “Domiho’s”
    • Added a new design for an RnR Mohawk (non-donor), Search & Rescue
    • Brought back and updated a design for the RnR Quad Bike
    • Added a new design for the RnR Y-32 Xi'an. Cord Rank+
    • Added a new vigilante Prowler Light (doorless). Vigi Rank 5+
    • Added a new vigilante Orca design for purchase. Vigi Rank (will be in hotfix)
    • Added a new civilian hatchback design for Supporter level donors
    • Added a new civilian Hummingbird/M900 variant design for Supporter level donors
    • Added a new civilian uniform for VIP level donors
    • Brought back civilian “Night Terror” Orca design for VIP level donors
    • Added a brand new civilian “Red Gull” Box Truck / Truck design for VIP level donors
    • Added a new APD hatchback design for Corpals; AHP Phantom. For VIP level donors
    • Added an alternate Offroad truck design (no cab cover), for VIP level donors in the RnR (Basic+).
    • Added a civilian Ifrit design for VIP level donors; bonus!
    • Added new backpack design for Elite level donors
    • Added a new civilian Hunter design for Elite level donors; CSAT II
    • Added a civilian Ifrit design for Elite level donors; bonus!
    • Added a new civilian Ifrit design “Nanite” for Champion level donors
    • Added a brand spanking new civilian Ghosthawk design for Champion level donors!
    • Added a new HEMTT “NightLord” design for Legendary rank donors!
    • Added a new civilian hatchback design for Legendary rank donors


  • Reduce the price to start a plane run from 75k to 60k
  • Decreased cop pardon title requirements from 500 to 250
  • Change RPK price to 160k, add drum mag to rebel shop for 15k
  • Admin deleted vehicles are immediately available in garage
  • Kidney stealing message to display who liberated the kidney
  • Contraband is persistent through logins and restarts (clears when getting out of jail)
  • Add bloodbag custom action key to controls tab on map
  • Vigi
    • APD now sees vigi's tier when checking licenses
    • Tier tweaks
      • T1 - 0 arrests - 30%
      • T2 - 25 arrests - 45%
      • T3 - 50 arrests - 60%
      • T4 - 100 arrests 75%
      • T5 - 200 arrests - 75%
    • Can bounty split with up to 3 vigis
  • Warpoint shop additions
    • Add Promet SG mags (buckshot for 2pts, slug for 4pts)
    • Add .45 ACP supressor (5pts)
    • Replace p90 with with long barrel p90 for 7pts
    • Add 5.7 suppressor (30 pts)
  • Medic
    • Increase cost of revive to 15k, keep at 10k for players with less than 100 hours
    • Medic revive payout is now 15k
    • Reduced scripted armor
  • Requesting denial
    • Confirmation box when requesting denial
    • Medics see players requesting denial in a different color on the map
  • Map changes
    • Kavala Hospital
    • Air Hospital
    • Pygros Hospital
    • Sofia Hospital
    • Rock Processing
    • Diamond Processing
    • Heroin Processing
    • Cocaine Processing
    • Salt Flats Airfield minor changes
    • Moved a bargate closer to Jail Island
    • All bar gates are now open on restart (Not Federal Events)
  • Texture
    • Changed some signs for the Holidays!
    • Updated the Vigilante hatchback texture to match the vigi them
    • Tail numbers on medic helis are now "R&R #xx"


  • Dopamine Title works for cops
  • Can now eject from a blackwasp
  • Exploits on OG
  • Typo in plane delivery started log
  • Bail price updates automatically when turning in contraband
  • Auction house listing fee for houses now shows the proper amount instead of an incorrect percentage
  • Battleeye kick for vigi uniform
  • Medic discounts
  • Fed gold is now logged when bomb blows
  • Claimed BW vehicle log now only shows BW vehicles


  • Ghosthawk from medic rank 5
  • Pointless objects around the map to better performance
  • Barbie hatchback
  • White ifrit

Hotfix #1

  • Added vigi orca
  • Added most lethals title "Cop of War"
  • Added retroactive betting stats from logs
  • Added pcovs to warpoint shop
  • Changed loadout loading cooldown to 15 seconds (from 60)
  • Fixed AHP Qilin texture
  • Fixed tier 5 vigis not being able to buy prowler
  • Fixed loadout loading cancelling with large amounts of virtual inventory
  • Fixed most war kills title "God of War"
  • Fixed R&R quadbike's G horn and lights not working
  • Fixed coke pro
  • Fixed air garage shed at salt flats
  • Fixed phantom hatchback skin being available to PO
  • Fixed medics having cop qilins
  • Fixed cops not being able to pull from flagpoles
  • Fixed betting stats not syncing

As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

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Recommended Comments

2 hours ago, Phizx said:

With 2 thumbs and 8 other functioning fingers you should be able to get 50 arrests quite easily. At the end of the day they’re both 9mms anyway

I mean, 50 arrests and "easy" don't belong together.

Arrests are super situational, and rely heavily on tons of different factors.

What's the server pop? Is there anyone hanging out inside cities? Is everyone out doing runs? If pop is higher, how many people are running in groups? Are there even that many wanted players on? and so on and so forth.

There have been days I log on for an hour during high pop times, and if I'm being a cunt and taking EVERYONE I can, I get maybe 12 arrests. There are other days where I log on and play for two hours and only take in the 3 people I managed to find doing runs or something (especially recently with the low pop.)

It also relies heavily on how big of a massive cunt you want to be. Something a lot of vigilantes don't like to be, but are forced to to get their arrest count up. I have A TON of arrests and so I have slown down on taking people under 250k, but other vigilantes just starting are practically required to farm noobs to get anywhere, and it's toxic.

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It's actually a joke trying to do anything in Kavala because groups of 3+ people are always in the city terrorizing anyone that happens by. It's hard to take on a group that size with a P07.

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APD can now pull vehicles from flagpole on cap:thinking:

Edited by Brennan

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so why can apd pull vehicles on cap but we civs cant pull vehicles at apd hq

Edited by Evannn
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