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Altis Life Update - 12/31/19 - New Years Update



@Zahzi @Pledge @Civak @AstralC @DashTonic @grar21 @Trimorphious



  • Vigilante Shop Items/Gear
    • Bolt Cutters
    • SPAR-16S for Tier 5 (150 Rnd mags not included)
  • APD Shop Gear
    • 9mm Suppressor for Sergeant+
    • .45 Suppressor for Sergeant+
    • Mk-18 for Sergeant+
  • Additional garage to Kavala
  • Ability to refill magazines at Dopamine Crates for $1,000
  • Skywriting
    • Available for all Donators
    • Smoke lasts one minute
    • Change color in Y-Menu settings
  • R&R HEMTT Flatbed for S&R+
  • Neochori Hospital
  • Civilian Council Hatchback
  • Vandalized APD and Legendary undercover Hatchback textures for Sergeant+
  • APD Ghosthawk lethals now split money between the pilot and gunner
  • Sofia Black Market for Mushrooms


  • Group hex colors can be modified
    • Configure -> Game -> Colors -> Active Elements
  • APD Hunter and Strider textures
  • Max vehicle garage capacity increased from 50 to 75
  • Bank remodeled and moved to old Pharmaceutical location
  • Pharmaceutical remodeled and moved to old bank
  • Drop-off locations updated
  • Medical Market & Medical Assistance NPCs at Hospitals are now placed together
  • Helicopter pads now indicate which direction the vehicle spawns facing
  • Removed useless objects from Federal Events i.e. Ammo boxes
  • Minor Kavala changes
    • Realtor and Diving shops added to Kavala Square
    • Removed extra light poles and allowed damage on the existing ones
    • Added parking to Kavala APD HQ
    • Removed Hospital walls
  • Athira APD HQ remodeled and moved
  • 20% price increase for Salt, Silver, Copper, Glass, and Cement
  • Minor changes to Event Arena
  • Cops can no longer start bets but can still accept them
  • Betting cap increased to $1 billion
  • NLR circle shows for every death
  • Pharma vehicles
    • Small: HEMTT Ammo
    • Medium: Tempest Repair
    • Large: Tempest Ammo
  • APD income
    • 60% reduction for Deputies
    • 35% reduction for Patrol Officers
    • 15% reduction for Corporals
  • Dopamine Shot
    • Now revives the player
    • Animation time increased from 15 seconds to 22 seconds
    • Can be used while alive to remove dopamine timer
  • Platinum Trader moved further from Therisa  
  • Copper Field moved further from Weed Field
  • Added Civilian Council uniform to Rebel Clothing Shops and it can now be saved in loadouts
  • Moved Hospital Vendor and Medical Assistance to both be behind the counter, updated uniforms for performance
  • Pilot Coveralls are now 8 Warpoints until the next update/hotfix
  • Updated all in-game billboards
  • Changed some clothing textures
  • R&R Advanced Paramedic uniform
  • American Offroad texture replaced with Two-Tone Offroad
  • Groups
    • Grouped players always have green names
    • Non-group members never have green names
    • Groups persist through restart if more than two members are online


  • Iron Processor object replaced
  • Vigilante arrest income percentages for Tiers 1 & 2 (now 30% and 45% respectively)
  • Mohawks and Tarus shouldn't get damaged when spawning
  • Dying in a trunk no longer glitches the trunk
  • Rank 3 can pay gangshed rent
  • Non-vigilantes being able to purchase Vigilante skinned vehicles
    • Any player with at least 1 Vigi arrest on their current license can purchase
  • Players on restrictions can no longer list houses
  • Having a Misuse of Emergency Systems charge on Civilian no longer prevents Medics from texting APD Dispatch
  • All players can now buy AK sights at Rebel Outposts
  • Enemy gang members who are restrained will have white names when in vehicles


  • APD Gear/Items
    • Carrier Lite from Corporal
    • Carrier Rig from Staff Sergeant
    • Phantom Hatchback texture
  • Medical NPC textures
  • Walls around Kavala Hospital
  • MK20C from Tier 5 Vigilante
  • Lethal splitting (besides the reworked Ghosthawk split)
  • SW Jump-spot at the Blackwater Armory
  • Christmas skins
  • Monthly Staff KOS

As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

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