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Altis Life Content Patch - 1/04/20



@Zahzi @Civak @grar21 @Trimorphious



  • New Skins
    • Ghosthawk - Dazzle
    • Ghosthawk - Sand Camo
    • Ghosthawk - Green
    • Taru - Black
    • Taru - Hex
    • Orca - "Orca Orca"
  • Added Redburger in Athira
  • Added another Gas Station in Athira
  • New Rebel
    • Destroyer in the middle of the Pyrgos Gulf
    • Boat Garage, capability to load into the Destroyer with a boat, and ladders


  • Group Hexagons
    • Rank insignias for cops and medics
    • Settings menu color options (including transparency!)
    • Number of other group members in vehicles
  • Pyrgos & Air Hospitals
    • Changed color of walls
    • Removed bar gates
    • Enabled damage to halogen lights
    • Changed halogen light locations
  • Moved DP4 Realtor
  • Moved Athira DMV
  • Moved Neochori Hospital Air Garage NPC
  • Added more info for Federal Event logs
  • Dopamine Shots can be used while alive to remove dope timer
    • Does not have any impact on the dope shot cooldown
  • Requesting Denial will change map marker color to Orange instead of Blue
  • Bank vaults auto-repair after 40 minutes instead of 10
  • Gas Station robbery payout
    • Base payout of $35k
    • Increases by $10k per cop up to $85k max
  • Combat log bones despawn time increased to 2 minutes from 1 minute
  • sAPD uniform texture lightened
  • APD Huron texture


  • Neochori Hospital no longer client-side
  • Dopamine Crate spawn at Neochori Hospital
  • Gas Station desks no longer simulated/movable
  • Athira HQ Air Garage spawn
  • Deleted objects from Athira
  • Floating cargo containers at Pharmaceutical
  • Cement Trader
  • Walls not breaking correctly
  • Added damage to lighthouse at Bank
  • Pyrgos Bank sidewalks
  • Can now use any Titan to instantly get pilot's name of aerial vehicle
  • T4 Vigilante no longer gets 100% of the bounty
  • Vigilantes no longer have a black SPAR-16S (replaced with sand)
  • All Bank vaults now spawn gold
  • Gang Garage no longer hangs at non-gangshed locations
  • Removed Phantom Hatchback
  • Vehicle skin selections at time of purchase from Rebel Vehicle Shops


  • 4th Bank vault
  • Donation goal Pilot Coveralls from Warpoint Shop


Recommended Comments

1 minute ago, d a k o t a said:

So we get 300 gold now or?

You can rob one bank vault at a time. If you waited and robbed all 3, one after another, then yes you would have 300 money bags.

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6 minutes ago, Civak said:

You can rob one bank vault at a time. If you waited and robbed all 3, one after another, then yes you would have 300 money bags.

Wait so. Each bank repairs by itself?

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1 hour ago, d a k o t a said:

Wait so. Each bank repairs by itself?

They always have. APD are not required to respond so previously they would auto repair after 10 minutes. That time was bumped up to 40 minutes.

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Gas Station desks no longer simulated/movable

Excuse me but WHAT THE FUCK.

Your telling me that i did a completely successful bank and got no money but THIS is more important? Smh #medicrights

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