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Monkeysz Goodbye

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16 minutes ago, ScreaM said:

@Monkeysz thanks for the shoutout cunt <3

Man I wish I had the time Ive got to move out of my house in 1 day pack a bag for 5 months and have a few wanks in between life is sucking rn

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5 hours ago, Monkeysz said:

So I may not have been within the Olympus Community for lengthy time at all but I still want to make this post to say my farewells to Prime and a few others I`ve met along the way.

I am leaving to go traveling for 5 months and if anyone wants to know Im going to Australia New Zealand and Asia so yh also I might be on the Forums every so often but ye goodbye and I hope to see you in 5 months

so lets get the soppy arse list going (This might be long or short but I will miss you all if I didnt @ you sorry but there is a few people on the list)


@Phizx I guess in a sense you started my gang life on Olympus and for that I want to say Thank you for all the fun times leading to your fucking perm...

and of course to all the Regicide lads who when I look at it are mainly perm`d... @Garrett @LoGr @BumbaClat @Trimorphious @Mattimeo @Parker Radley @Balake All I say to you is I got my Beanz and Cy@

Now for the few I have met along the way

@Peter Long I just want to say thank your for everything from unbanning/reducing Phizxs bans soooo many times to just being an all around chill dude 

@G.O.A.T. Thanks for everything plz give tags on my phone and laptop so I can come let you know when I fuck a ladyboy also a huge thanks for the Huron incident.

@EatMeth Enjoyed most things with you other then you reblacklisted me 10 mins from when I got unblacklisted but never the less Thanks

@McDili All I can say thanks for all the fun times on PUBG WHITE POWER!

@Corporal_moob I know we may talk shit to each other but at the end of the day I do think you are a chill guy and I just want to say BOT one last time :P 

@Grandma Gary @Ignis @Gidgit I may not have played with you much at all I still want to say thanks for the fun times on OG and at MC`s gang shed I may have spent over 2 Mill that night but it was funny as fuck and thank you for that (the first time in Kavala other than KOTH in a few years)

and Now for the Prime Boys

There are so many people I can list and tbh Id be here for hours typing shit so please dont be offended if I havent put you on the list its just these are the people I play with daily or have known for a long time before Prime

@LmFaOExde3 Thank you from Tenacity over on Asylum to being probably the main reason I got into Prime now Thank you so much for all the fun and dont get perm`d (You can shoot medics and not get banned now)

@Tye Thank you for carrying me in PUBG and you are insane "Can I shoot at him"- Tye "yes"-some prime retard *shoots a few bullets* "Got one"-Tye :D

@Pablo May not have actually known you that long but most days we play I do have fun and we will never talk about that R6 game ever ok...

@Hectic Thanks for all the fun on Arma and on the early morning PUBG games much love <3

@Ron @Randyy would prob moan if I didnt put them on but as well I have had some very fun moments with these boys and cya soon boys

@TheRealKyle I just want to say thanks for the fun times we had and also congrats once again for getting Deputy Chief Of Police much love

@ConnorH Oh connor where do I start with you I may call you a bot a retard a prick a dick well you get it but at the end of the day I loved playing with you from Civ5 Arma 3 to PUBG "The buildings are not loading in" "Im dead" to playing and being carried by you in R6S but at the end of the day much love and thanks for all the funny times <3e4a9c6d0cf55c73a13cb24d840e21cc6.png

and last but not least

@Tiger I have so much to say and I know people are gonna say I suck dick and what ever but Thank you for everything from me somehow getting into Prime to know Thank you, now I maybe a drunk autistic dick head retard did I say drunk well you get the point I don`t know how you put up with me but never the less thanks for all the fun from Civ 5-PUBG-Arma3much love to you man and I hope to talk to you when I come back keep Carrying and remember GO OFF TIGER GO OFF :wub:


wow fuck you too faggot. 

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