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Altis Life Update - 2021-01 - January Content Update





  • Stone Flash Rework
  • AT Offroad can no longer be slung
  • Corporal+ can now start APD escorts
  • Once started a Corporal may authorize lethals via the weapon shop NPC
  • Neochori HQ redesigned
  • Pyrgos Hospital moved and redesigned
  • Rain replaced with mild fog
  • Walls at church cartel now indestructible
  • All terror towers moved closer to their respective cities
  • City markets moved closer to town center
  • APD Hellcat moved to Corporal+
  • APD Orca moved to Sergeant+


  • Server restart issues
  • Airdrops not starting
  • Various Bugs


  • Texture Removals
  • All Christmas skins
  • Red Wetsuit
  • Roach Green Qilin


Hotfix #1

  • Fix gokart material bug
  • Fix cpl hellcat lights
  • Fix taru lights
  • Fix cpl lethals
  • Fix broken gang uniform
  • Fix more hints
  • Add materials for more vehicles
  • Add staff KOS
  • APD & RNR can now use materials
  • "Dingle" hatchback now public, no longer a gang vehicle
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1 hour ago, WALT said:

Can we get an option to hide notifications? The new notifications cover a large part of our screen

I believe @Tech added the option to select the old notification system in case the new one wasn’t favorited. If he didn’t then he forgot and I’ll lock him in the base-... I mean ask him to do it nicely 🙂 

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