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Altis Life Update - 03/01/2021 - March Content Update




  • S.W.A.T.
    • A team of competitive APD members who attend Conquests & help balance the disparity between gangs
    • Adaptive vehicle & weapon shops
    • There is a maximum of 10 SWAT Members allowed at Conquest. 
    • SWAT spawn at conquest rebel like civilians
    • When the Capture Point is captured by the SWAT Team it will be set to APD but APD will gain no points. Example - Capture Point Bravo - SFA would change to Capture Point Bravo - APD
    • SWAT receive $50,000 for resetting a capture point
    • SWAT pay $15,000 per death in Conquest
    • Players killed by SWAT have default dopamine timers and do not lose their bounties
    • The Equipment per rank is as listed:
      • SWAT I (Trainee)
        • Police Vest, SPAR-16S, MX, S.W.A.T. Backpack
      • SWAT II (Pvt.)
        • MXM, Carrier Lite, T2 Helm
      • SWAT III (Pfc.)
        • Type, Promet, MXSW, AK-12U
      • SWAT IV (Corp.)
        • SPAR-17, MK18, AK-12 T4 Helmet/ Pilot helmet
      • SWAT V (Spc.)
        • MK-1, Shortsleeve Uniform
      • SWAT Sgt.+
        • GL Carrier Rig Vest, RPK-12
    • You can find rules & regulations for S.W.A.T. HERE
    • You can find information on requirements & applications HERE
  • APD Ifrits for SWAT
  • Giant statue off the coast of Kavala 😍
  • Additional player slots to APD for SWAT
  • Speedbomb titles giving the ability
  • Ability to access Gang garages from Impound Yards
  • Give keys to all in group/gang
  • AoW DLC Assets
    • Blue & Khaki Suits added to Civilian clothing shops
    • Black & Grey formal and T-Shirt variants added to Civilian Clothing shops ($50 donor)
    • AoW T-Shirts added to Rebel & Civilian clothing shops
    • AoW Backpacks added to Civilian & Rebel clothing shops
  • Gang Uniforms
  • Vehicles Textures


  • Radio Tower Icons
  • Pyrgos minor remodel
  • Junior APD Uniforms
  • Federal Events cannot be started while an APD Escort is in progress
  • APD are now able to revive other factions that have "Allowed Epi"
  • Marker Colors for Pharmaceutical vehicles & Art Gallery


  • Blown up vehicles at Gang base spawning a destroyed tower.
  • ATMs being accessible via windows key at any range.
  • Issues with APD Lethal stats not saving.
  • Issues with high network latency
  • Purchasing multiple items in a weapon menu lagging the player
  • Loading Loadouts allowing you to go negative
  • General server performance


  • Multiple gang uniforms


  • SWAT Bugs:
    • Clothing/gear being removed while on SWAT
    • Kill notifications not displaying
    • Only the player who capped the point receiving money instead of all the SWAT members
    • SWAT not getting conquest notifications
    • SWAT rewarding Conquest & Warzone warpoints
    • SWAT weapon and clothing shops viewable by normal APD during Conquests
  • Cop hexes not displaying and displaying a vehicle number underneath while on foot
  • Sofia stores moved closer together
  • All gunstores roleplayified
  • NPC animation fixes
  • T5 helmets removed from saved loadouts
  • Blackmarket Mushroom minor changes
  • Additional vehicle pads added
    • Kore gas station
    • All vigi outposts
    • BW & Air HQ ground garages
  • Experimental FPS boost
  • Additional network optimizations
  • Added Textures:
  • Removed gang textures:
    • Plague Ifrit & uniform
    • Silla uniform


As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.


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4 hours ago, Shorkeyz said:


Quite a few people abused it in the past few weeks. Was gonna let it stay in, but it was actually causing problems.

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On 3/5/2021 at 4:53 PM, Fraali said:

Quite a few people abused it in the past few weeks. Was gonna let it stay in, but it was actually causing problems.

Monkey looking away Memes - Imgflip

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