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Mid Month Update - March 2021 - Change Log

We have decided to attempt to increase our update frequency, while lowering the amount of content each update.

Due to this, it should be the start of what we hope to be a step forward for Olympus, allowing for faster deployment of content and fixes.


Anyways, to the actual change log!


  • Additional 2.5% increase in arrest price per 100 arrests after achieving T5 vigi
  • Restrained players names now display as Orange
  • Terrain & view distance toggle (Custom action 7)
  • Cartel & Conquest custom flags
  • Restored Silla & Plague's gang uniform(s)/vehicle.
  • Additional pay for the only medic online 15k -> 17.5k
  • Febuary Donation Goal 3/19-4/19
    • Drug sell price increased by 15%
    • Conquest pots increased
      • S3 17.5M -> 25M
      • S2 10M ->15M



  • Art gallery marker colors
    • Swaps to blue when being robbed, purple when idle
  • Optimizations on players joining & nametags
  • Death icon changed
  • Granit/Tracksuit increased from 5WP -> 10WP
  • APD Changes
    • Carrier Lite added to Corporal
    • Mar-10 elevated from Ret. SAPD -> Lt.+
    • Mar-10 price changed from 130k -> 200k
    • Spar-16s 150 rnd mags removed from Corporal
    • Spar-16s price reduced from 150k -> 95k
    • Type 115 removed from Corporal
    • LMG mags for APD increased
  • Additional vehicle pads added
    • Kore gas station
    • All vigi outposts
    • BW & Air HQ ground garages
  • Blackmarket Mushroom minor changes
  • Sofia stores moved closer together
  • All gunstores roleplayified
  • NPC animation changes
  • T5 helmets removed from saved loadouts



  • Cops spawning with Tan P07 instead of black variant
  • DP mission animations
  • Gun store signs and duplicate markers
  • BW HQ vehicle garage
  • Issues with textures not displaying properly
  • Conquest HUD enabled globally not displaying
  • BW vehicles not spawning as T4 turbo/maneuverable
  • Gang base helicopter spawn
  • SWAT Bugs:
    • Clothing/gear being removed while on SWAT
    • Kill notifications not displaying
    • Only the player who capped the point receiving money instead of all the SWAT members
    • SWAT not getting conquest notifications
    • SWAT rewarding Conquest & Warzone warpoints
    • SWAT weapon and clothing shops viewable by normal APD during Conquests
  • Cop hexes not displaying and displaying a vehicle number underneath while on foot
    • Experimental FPS boost
    • Additional network optimization


    As usual, please report any bugs that you find during gameplay through our Support part of the forums


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    3 hours ago, Skateezy said:

    I think it is to prevent forfeiture of property for the "guns" that are not there.

    Husky Guarding

    like that


    so adding more items to mission file ah ok got it

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