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Conquest Changelog - 2022-06-24





  • Notification Changes to allow kill notifications to flow quicker
    • Airdrop
    • Hotzone
    • Capture
  • Functionality of war points / swat points
    • Civilians lose 1 point when dying to swat
    • SWAT lose 1 point when dying to civilians
  • Color of 2nd place for SWAT on HUD
    • Tilde menu 2nd place swapped from orange to yellow
    • Hud color 2nd place swapped from orange to yellow
    • Notification color changed from orange to yellow
  • Scheduling has been changed to a weighted random selection for maps
    • Same map can't be picked twice in a week
    • Weights are based on popularity based on the recent poll
    • Previously was cycled, mostly manually
  • Sahrani "City of Paraiso" Echo point to have less buildings
  • Malden Islands "Saint Louis Crossroads" Delta cap
  • Malden Islands "Lipany Chokehold" Charlie Cap
  • Kujari "Ari" Bravo cap
  • Altis zones changed to 5 pointers (Excluding Nifi this will be done in a later update)


  • Bozcaada Debug Island
  • Sahrani "City of Paraiso" zone having a cap with floating buildings
  • Malden Islands Delta cap having no collision on some objects
  • Takistan mud walls
  • Heroin and Painkiller Effects
  • Takistan "Manara Airfield" Delta vehicle spawn
  • Airdrop spawns for "Saint Louis Crossroads"
  • Malden Islands some buildings allowing you to see through smokes


  • Y menu market
  • Altis "Oreokastro" Zone
  • Candy Granit
  • Urban Coveralls
  • Vandal Orca
  • Hyperbeast Uniform
  • Backpacks
    • Abibas Yellow Messenger Bag
    • Abibas White Messenger Bag
    • Abibas Off-White Messenger Bag
    • Founder's Circle Carryall
    • Black Kitbag
    • Green Kitbag
    • Red Kitbag
    • Hike Backpack
    • Abibas "Rebel" Uniform
  • Gang Textures
    • Mystic Gang Ifrit
    • 88 Gang Granit
    • Mandalorians Hunter
    • Mandalorians Hatchback
    • pHraggers Gang Uniform

Hotfix #1

  • Fixed hotzone notifications
  • Fixed SWAT Y menu market bug
  • Fixed SWAT 5.56 150rnd drum mags not being removed on death.
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Recommended Comments

5 minutes ago, Tiger said:

Still waiting for the Prime uniform, maybe next month?


This shit is unreal

6 minutes ago, Nephew said:

wtf is our uniform


stupid fucks


5 minutes ago, Fayrel said:

prime uni !!!!!!????????????????????????

Its in the game we just missed it in the changelog originally calm down its added now lmao.

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7 minutes ago, Skys said:

prime kids really crying that something was missed on changelog its a game not real life 

have u ever heard your voice in a video or heard yourself talk?


  • Clown 1
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