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Altis Life Update - 2022-7-8 - July Content Update




  • Gang Base Rework
    • Secondary Gangbase
      • Located on the Neochori Peninsula
      • Has the same perk bonus as the Warzone Gangbase
    • Warpoint cooldown timer removed in the Skirmish area
    • Players now receive 3 Warpoints per kill in the Skirmish area
    • A specialized Rebel will now spawn at the start of a Gangbase Skirmish located at Therisa Airfield
      • Players may only spawn at the Rebel once every 3 minutes
        • Protection similar to Conquest, i.e. Godmode for 5 minutes
    • All deaths inside the Gang Skirmish area will now contribute to a pot which will be distributed to the top 3 gangs
      • Payment is distributed through the Deposit Box
        • 15% of gear value is placed into Skirmish Pot
          • Rewards
            • 1st Place - 50%
            • 2nd Place - 30%
            • 3rd Place - 20%
    • Gangbases are disabled for spawning and purchasing gear during Skirmish
    • Owners of the Gangbase will receive a 20% Processing buff towards Illegal runs i.e. Meth, Uranium, Moonshine, etc.
    • All Vehicles within 100m of the Capture Flag are now despawned upon Skirmish start
    • Time to win base reduced from 45m to 30m
    • Gangs may only capture one Gangbase at a time
      • Gangs may not own both Gangbases simultaneously
    • Updated Hud to work for multiple Gangbases
  • Clothing skin rework
    • Players no longer spawn with Gang or Donator Uniforms
    • Players can purchase every alteration of clothing, EXAMPLE: Longsleeve, Rolled Sleeve, Stealth, Stealth Rolled Sleeves, T-Shirt
    • Players may need to save their loadouts again
    • NOTE: Players who had a textured uniform or backpack before the update will require to re-buy the textured item at the store in order to correctly apply the desired texture. 
      • For example players who previously had a invis backpack will see that their backpack will no longer be invis upon loading into the server. To fix this you must go to the clothing store to rebuy the texture. 
  • Ability to scale Hexs
    • Y-Menu setting
    • Decreases size of Hex, Icon and Name
  • Nearly all Clothing added for purchase
    • Additional Helmets and default uniforms added to all clothing shops
      • Example: Headsets, Construction Hats, Texture replaced clothing variants
    • Vigilante Clothing now has access to all Olympus+ and a large plethora of additional Textures and Vests
    • All Helmets and Vests available in Rebel Clothing can now be purchase in the Warpoint Shop
  • Clothing Shop UI Revamped
  • View Distance Profile
    • Players can now change their Fast Terrain per Ground, Car, Air in the settings menu
  • Armor Stacking
    • Players can no longer wear Granit/Tracksuits with Tier 3 or higher armor
    • Price Changes:
      • CSAT Ghillie (Full)  increased from 6WP to 8WP
    • Players now have a chance of receiving Granit (Camo) in Event Loot
      • Granit (Camo) can be stacked with any vest
  • Weapons now display their status as Tasers in the Inventory, Weapon and House menus
  • Textures
  • HEMTT (Transport, Covered)
    • Purchasable from Truck shops for $700,000
    • 1000 Storage
    • Slingable
    • Fits inside Federal Reserve Dome
  • Map Design:


  • APD Escort unseal reduced from 2m -> 1m
  • Federal Reserves and Banks alarm
    • Alarm reduced from 5m -> 1m
  • Cop requirement for banks changed from 5 -> 4
  • People on restrictions no longer have access to the Auction House
  • Vehicle Airdrop seize increased from 30 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Reduced Max Alloy 15% from $13,325 max, $9,999 minimum to $11,326 max, $8,499 minimum
  • Base clothing price changed from $500 to $1,000
  • Ghillie Suit (Full) price increased from $10,000 to $25,000
  • Ghillie Suit (Top) price increased from $10,000 to $15,000
  • Lethals Loaded icon repositioned
  • Identity Hidden icon repositioned
  • Delivery mission nerf for veteran players
    • 50h - 25% reduction
    • 75h - 50% reduction
    • 100h - 75% reduction
  • Map Design:


  • Taxi License not syncing properly
  • Players being able to 'exploit' capture cartels by swapping to .50 mag with a Type115
  • Sitting exploit
  • Vehicles not being stored properly post-restart
  • Refill magazines improperly filling with GL/.50BW
  • Re-added Bait Appliance, Roadkit and Vehicle Ammo to Corporal+
  • Listing vehicles on Auction House
  • Player cash not syncing
  • Script cooldowns
  • Event Timers deleting notifications (War kill, 911 Dispatch, Medic Revive Req., etc.)
  • Player names not updating on stats page


  • Ability to sell processed drugs on the Auction House
  • Duplicate clothing, player loadouts might need to be remade


Hotfix #1

  • Re-organized backpacks
  • Re-added missing facemasks (Gasmasks, Bandanna Aviator)
  • Loading loadouts with a texture did not apply the texture
  • Shift+F7 now reapplies the texture
  • Wardrobe
    • Add the ability for Civs to texture their current uniform from their house
    • Will only show uniforms available to the player
    • Can be found in the house windows-key menu
  • Hex text not scaling with hex scale
  • Taxi hub garages not being restricted by Taxi License 
  • Vigis and Cops not being able to buy tasers in weapon shops
  • WP award/loss cap not working 
  • SWAT backpacks being available to non-swat members 
  • Medics losing their clothing when opening their inventory 
  • Objects like bargates being able to get destroyed 
  • HQ takeovers forcing cops to spawn in Kavala
  • Event timers disappearing sometimes after dying 
  • Issues with undercover and warzone cop death fees
  • DP missions not working when too far away
  • APD Escort .50 Cal vehicle not being able to be claimed 
  • Ignition bombs not costing anything when buying through loadouts
  • "Refill Mags" button only refilling current magazine 
  • APD missing wetsuit and PO Police vest
  • Removed donor and O+ restriction for Invis Backpacks (If you are currently wearing one on login you will need to buy a new one)
  • Being able to armor stack by pulling clothing from house inventory 
  • Medic Texture Overhaul
    • Clothing
      • EMT Uniform
      • Basic Medic Uniform
      • Flight Medic Uniform 
      • Pararescue Uniform
      • Sr RnR/Command Uniform
      • Alt Sr RnR/Command Uniform
      • Donor Uniform 
      • Messenger Bag
    • Vehicles
      • Humming Bird
      • Orca
      • Hellcat
      • Mohawk
      • Ghosthawk
      • Offroad
      • Xian
      • HEMTT
      • Strider
      • Hunter 
      • Van
      • SUV
      • Hatchback
      • Taru

Hotfix #2

  • Crates/objects in the federal reserve domes are no longer movable/openable
  • Hellcat requisite rank moved to Pararescue per Sr. R&R
  • HUD should no longer be missing briefly upon login
  • Added wardrobe system to gang shed menu
  • Fixed incorrect presence of wardrobe system on garages
  • Added double-click-to-select functionality to wardrobe
  • Text accompanying hexes should no longer appear larger than expected
  • Gang base pot (% of gear lost during skirmish) increased from 15% to 25%
  • Killing other geared players during an active terror will now award war points (with no loss to the victim)
  • Bugfixes with loadouts
  • Invisible backpacks fixed to be present in the clothing shops for WPL holders
  • PID whitelist changes for factions
  • Fixed issue with sending bones to jail not paying the officers/vigilantes


If you find an issue please submit a bug report: https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/


Edited by codeYeTi
Hotfix #2

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Recommended Comments

  • Senior Developer
36 minutes ago, Tiger said:

Isn't it pay to win locking the invis backpacks behind Oly+? 


You can buy invis bergens, thats it. So we have to spend more money and get more sway or pay oly + and get it cheaper and less sway?

@ Mako

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Why were a lot of good civilian clothes removed in this update? I can't find summer clothes, bandit clothes or a bunch of other civilian cosmetics that have been around for a while. Please add them back.

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I think this update is kinda trash but I do understand that this update is meant to generate more money for the server and that is understandable. However I would like to ask with the potential revenue increase try to put it back into the server... like new skins for O+ or open server two back to everyday, more updates aimed at keeping the server feeling fresh.

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So I bought like 10 invis bergens to put in my house. Then when I go to put them back on they arent invis anymore. 
Update broke more than it did good. 

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3 hours ago, bigPat said:

Make oly+ $5 a month. 
I think more people will have it. 

Oly+ - $5

Oly premier or some other sub name - $15

Oly+ only feature will be invisible backpacks.

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na dude its still not worth just invis backpacks for $5. Needs to be more. Just make it 5 flat across the board. This is a subscription on a old ass game. Make it somthing more people would want to buy

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If ever there was a glitch for me! I'm heartbroken! Free ignition bombs in loadouts.. Now that's the one I would have gladly be banned for abusing!! 💔😭

Who didn't tell me about this?! lol

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On 7/11/2022 at 7:37 PM, Lea said:

If ever there was a glitch for me! I'm heartbroken! Free ignition bombs in loadouts.. Now that's the one I would have gladly be banned for abusing!! 💔😭

Who didn't tell me about this?! lol

i deserve a crown for reporting it

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