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Altis Life Update - 9/28/19 - September Update

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  • Qilins
    • Doorless
    • $200k or 13 warpoints at rebels
    • Available for APD Corporals+
  • Donor Civilian Qilin skin
    • $15 Supporter
    • Works with Armed Qilin
  • New restrictions system
    • Don't have to wait for a physical update anymore
  • Fee for transferring illegal vehicles
    • 400k for Blackwater ground vehicles
    • 800k for Blackwater air vehicles
    • 10% of Illegal Vehicle cost
  • Medic invoices
  • 10 minute cooldown on banks after they are completed
  • Logging for several high value purchases
  • Contact DLC Radio backpacks added to Rebel Clothing shops
  • Undercover vans for APD
  • Ability for APD to open side doors on the jail
  • Ability to store legal vehicles at cartel flagpoles
  • Added new NPC tags and settings for toggling features of it
    • NPC Tags - Displays a description of what the NPC does
    • NPC Names - Displays the NPC's roleplay name


  • Vehicle ammo refills Ifrit and Strider smoke
    • For Ifrit you must be in the driver seat
    • For Strider you must be in the commander seat
  • Excavation radius for shipwrecks
  • Gang rank 3 can now pay gangshed rent
  • Players who have restrictions cannot use loadout saving
  • Centered several map markers and expanded several redzones
  • Changed the Altis Bank
    • Changed the Bank Marker
    • Moved North closer to the Federal Reserve
    • Given its own event ring
      • KOS when the bomb is planted
  • Moved Pyrgos Turtle Poaching
  • Changed the model of the destroyed jail door
  • Changed appearances of some NPCs
    • Rebel NPCs
    • Cop NPCs
    • Some Processing NPCs
  • Changed Appearance of Interior Prison walls before and after being blown open
  • Increase Promet MR to 90k and Promet to 80k
  • Several sound effects for buttons
  • Most Rebel NPCs will no longer have weapons
    • Changed animations so they no longer gesture as if they have guns
  • Allowed re-arming Ghosthawk and Hurons while the pilot is in
    • This means they can be re-armed in flight only while the vehicle is auto-hovered
    • You must be in the gun you want to be re-filled, and pilot may refill his flares similarly
  • Increased prices of APD vests at Corporal and above
  • Moved Weed Processor
  • Cocaine Processor
    • Area and redzone size
  • Meth Lab and Sofia Rebel
    • Increased redzone size
  • Nitro Boost title
  • Vehicle Ammo
    • Increased use time from 10 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Black Markets
    • Reduced tax from 20% to 10%


  • Gang Talk Channel
  • Various NPCs
  • Flaregun weight
  • Fixed medic uniform
  • Some very old broken skins
    • Rescue Van
    • Several admin vehicles
  • Sofia cop spawns
  • Spawning with standard equipment
    • GPS, Map, etc. will now spawn even if you have no clothes
  • Black Market weed processing
  • Vehicles taking damage while spawning
  • Lights and sirens on medic RHIB and Speedboat
  • Medics reviving people who allow Epi-Pen but do not request medic
  • Cops tasing people during Roulette events
  • Being able to capture cartels without a gun
  • Several perk discounts
  • Moonshine Brewery's color
  • Warzone boundary lines
  • Cops paying for loadouts when they die in warzone
  • Plane delivery missions not working when entering with Windows key
  • Issue with plane delivery missions and the new 'Exit' options for civilians
  • Loadout saving is back and works for all factions!


  • Medic discounts on all equipment
  • Misc. items from Hospitals
  • NPCs from Air Service Stations
  • Blackfish insurance

As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

We can not continue to do updates like this without your support. You can help here.


Hotfix #1


  • Buff Qilin armor
  • Remove doors from Qilins after restart
  • Add Qilins to warpoint shop for 12pts
  • Reduce salvage sell prices by 10%
  • Reduce restrain blocking radius of APD by 25%


  • Dispatch cooldown from misuse charge will persist through soft-log
  • Added Spar16 to CPL+ (also still available in PO shop)
  • Some objects at bank are no longer pushable
  • Cop loadout saving now allows certain cosmetic items
  • Fix server 3 autolocking
  • Excessive time unrestrain timer is set to 15m to be inline with the hostage rule.


  • Allow vehicles to be stored on flagpole
  • Add food and water to dope crates


Hotfix #2


  • Potential Performance Fix
  • Truck Price Changes
    • HEMTT Box 625k -> 465k
    • HEMTT Fuel 525k -> 390k
    • HEMTT Transport 450k -> 335k
    • Truck Boxer 175k -> 130k
    • Fuel Truck 225k -> 170k
    • Truck 100k -> 75k
    • Zamak Transport (Covered) 250k -> 187,500
    • Zamak Fuel 225k -> 170k
    • Zamak Transport 200k -> 150k
    • Tempest Transport (Covered) 450k -> 330k
    • Tempest Fuel 425k -> 320k
    • Tempest Transport 375k -> 280k
  • Arrest Payout Percentages
    • 1 Cop: Unchanged - 22%
    • 2 Cops: 54% split -> 50% split
    • 3 Cops+: 90% split -> 75% split
    • Vigilante Tier 1: 40% -> 30%
    • Vigilante Tier 2: 60% -> 40%
    • Vigilante Tier 3: 75% -> 60%
    • Vigilante Tier 4: 90% -> 75%
  • Patrol Officers+ pay 100% of their loadout if killed in warzone


  • Qilin (Armed) to the Rebel Outpost vehicle shop for $2,000,000


  • Qilin (Armed) from Blackwater loot pool
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Recommended Comments

13 hours ago, TheHeroNoob said:

Who's dumbass idea was it to remove the R&R discounts? There is no point in removing the discount it just makes saving people way more expensive if you end up losing your vehicle. A lot of new players become EMTs to earn a little extra cash but now with the discounts gone it's tough. 

You are aware medics were not getting one, but double discounts with a title and rank they had. Medics still get discounts based off their title, all we removed was the additional static one that was sitting there for each rank.

  • Hmm 1

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5 hours ago, Richard said:

Why don’t you all move around and kill someone outside of Kav?  We go where the action is.

No y’all go where you don’t have to use effort to revive lol

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Changed the Altis Bank

  • Changed the Bank Marker
  • Moved North closer to the Federal Reserve
  • Given its own event ring
    • KOS when the bomb is planted

Thank god, won't get banned by @Outcast anymore

Edited by FreeTurtleChris
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10 hours ago, Civak said:

Other way around. It was something that was meant to be happening but wasn't.

Already fixed for the hotfix

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