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Altis Life Update - 2020-02-27



@Civak @Trimorphious @grar21 @Horizon



  • Conquest
    • Currently an admin started event, will be automated in the future
    • Spawns a warzone-like zone on the map with three capture points
    • Initial pot of $5m, value of each loadout is added to the pot when a player dies in the zone
    • Capture a point by scrolling the flag pole and staying with 15m for 45 seconds
    • Every captured point adds 5 points to the score every 5 seconds
    • First gang to 3k points "wins"
    • Money is distributed to gang funds (will be direct to players in the future) based on # of cap points each involved gang had
    • Dying in the zone with a aloadout allows spawn in "safe zone" rebel near zone (has 3 minute spawn delay after clicking respawn button)
    • Safe zone protection wears off after leaving the area or shooting your gun
    • Rules
      • Warzone rules apply inside the conquest zone (no NLR, KOS, etc)
      • Exception: Medics can be killed/titaned without engagement while in aerial vehicles
      • Exception: Medics cannot drop dope crates
      • Exception : The APD may pursue a suspect into the zone and call first wave backup, but may only open fire upon the fleeing suspects and other civilians directly engaging the officers
      •  Exception: The APD may NOT return for a second wave
  • Ability for admins to check house registration on civ
  • Ability for admins to seize items on ground with delete key
  • R&R money for impounding vehicles with windows key
  • All civilian boats to rebel boat shop
  • More vehicles to admin spawn menu for events
  • Dope shot to APD shops
  • Vermin to WPL for 40k
  • "Staff to civilian" dispatch
  • Day/no rain/no fog buttons to admin menu
  • Vehicle finish
    • New "gloss" finish
    • Gold finish for $100 donors
  • Pissing animation (shift+9) and public urination charge ($2500)
  • Ability to claim APD hatchbacks
    • Claiming them makes them have vandal skin
    • Vandal skin can only be obtained via claiming now
    • Cops can seize the vandal skin to return it to their garage
  • Ability to repair gang sheds for $1.5m
  • Map
    • More lights to training dome
    • Neochori courthouse
    • ATM to bank
    • ATM to Neochori hospital
    • ATM to Rebel Boat
    • Warzone Drug Dealer (no tax on selling drugs)
    • More broken walls to Bank
    • Map marker for event arena on salt falts
    • Walls to Kavala Hospital
    • Parking spots to Kavala Hospital 
    • Blue edge lights to Kavala Hospital (For flight test)
  • Textures


  • Made sandman chief in game
  • Boltcutters no longer show up as illegal if the player has a vigilante license
  • War menu no longer closes when sending war request
  • Reduced garage spam cooldown
  • Speedbombs can now be attached to helis
  • Updated staff on login credits
  • Fixed spelling of "latest" when medics clear dispatch status
  • Getting sent to jail no longer seizes your driver license
  • APD can now break down doors while owner is offline, remove APD boltcutters
  • Suicide vests can now be used at jail
  • Stolen cop carryalls are invisible for civilians
  • Players can now be unrestrained without a weapon via the windows key menu
  • Bank Nerf
    • Weight increased from 4 to 6
    • Reduced spawn to 75 bags per vault
    • Can no longer put bags in helis
  • Fed buff
    • Decreased weight from 8 to 6
    • Increase max spawn to 400 bars
    • Increased min spawn to 200 bars
    • Increased min spawn based on # of cops online
      • 15 cops -> 225
      • 20 cops -> 250
      • 25 cops -> 275
  • BW buff: reduced Blackwater to 20m
  • Repairing planes will now never result in an orange engine
  • Reduced chrome price to 150% purchase price tier
  • Pharma changes
    • Now 5.56+ to start
    • Reduced timers by 30 seconds
  • Can now pay gang shed rent a month in advance now
  • Disable betting for players with less than 30 hours
  • Double the price of apples and peaches
  • Map
    • Bottleneck Warzone Rebel: added second vehicle spawn and expanded size to accommodate second vehicle spawn
    • Kavala Rebel rework
    • Renamed Pyrgos Pharmaceutical to Altis Pharmaceutical
    • Athira Vigi
    • Boat rebel traveled south towards battle! (monthly rotate)
    • Moved DP11 car spawner slightly


  • Fed event logs
  • Obfuscated message for discounted purchases
  • Logging in at rebel boat no longer kills you at bottleneck
  • Lethaling bounties of 15m+
  • APD income for certain categories now properly adjusted
  • Fonts being 3 different sizes in this changelog
  • Rebel Boat NPC order adjusted
  • Map
    • Neo Salvage
    • Floating objects at Bottleneck Warzone Rebel
    • Rebel Boat boat racks now allow boat loading
    • Platinum trader marker
    • DP 13 NPC
    • Athira DMV


  • Pyrgos Checkpoint marker
  • Chief Xi'an and textures


Hotfix #1

  • Send to jail button should no longer be raped by the cooldown
  • All houses are no longer inaccessible during conquest, only conquest houses are restricted
  • Cannot buy houses during conquest setup time that are in the zone
  • Some other things that happened during conquest time in zone now happen during conquest setup
  • Removed bugged cartel contested marker until next update
  • Gang wars winner uniform

Hotfix #3

  • Fix bug that caused server to crash
  • Sting for T2 vigi actually tases now


As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.


Recommended Comments

Are they supposed to be able to plant all three banks at once ? Cause that’s scuffed lol

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When you defuse bomb at Jail it says bomb blew and jail door is broken. not actually tho

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On 3/14/2020 at 3:20 AM, T5 Vigi said:

add a stock market or businesses you can invest in 

wait thats fax, just link it to real stock market 

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I am running a legal business here with WPL and always become a criminal in self defence and never get pardoned, also expand the stock market and add stock trading!

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