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Altis Life Update - 06/01/2021 - June Content Update






  • RVMAT Changes
    • Added additional materials for $250 donors or Olympus+ Subscribers
    • Materials are no longer lost with basic insurance
    • VR Material price reductions from 75% of vehicle value -> 55% for VR
    • Materials no longer show for second+ layer on the Qilin, Ifrit, Prowler, Hunter and Truck.
  • Workers Protection License Revamp
    • WPL holders will be able to access the Market & Clothing Store at any gun store
    • WPL holders will be able to save & load loadouts at any gun store 
    • Buying the WPL will now display a list the rules, buffs, and gear that come with a WPL
    • Added MXC to WPL holders
  • DP Mission Revamp
    • Regular DP & Plane DP missions will now give a bonus 20%  pay out for owning a WPL
    • Plane DP payouts were changed to 100K - 125K (not including the 60k purchase return)
    • Regular DP payouts were increased from $2.4/meter to $7.5/meter
    • Completing a Plane DP mission now gives an ATM cooldown similar to gas station robberies
    • DP missions now tax 15% of the profit if the player is under restrictions 
  • RnR Gas Tank
    • Increased maximum virtual capacity from 60 to 90
    • Increased price from 500 to 5K
    • The gas tank now acts like a tool kit
  • Support Team Rewards Revision
    • Support Team Rank I: Support Team Uniform 
    • Support Team Rank II: Support Team Dispatch 
    • Support Team Rank III: Support Team Title
    • Support Team Rank IV: 2nd Support Team Title
  • The Staff RNR rank has be changed to Pararescue
  • Upgraded voice codec for in-game VON
  • Reverted Medic denial marker color to orange 
  • Cartel markers no longer show during a Warzone conquest
  • Replaced Conquest Markers
  • Replaced Shift + T markers
  • Updated Staff Intro section
  • Market Prices now increase 3x more than before after having other item types sold
  • Increased starting cash from 50K to 100K
  • Nifi Conquest points reworked
  • Message when trying to start a Pharmaceutical robbery now displays the remaining cooldown if one happened recently
  • Smoke from vehicles such as Ifrits now causes players within the smoke to not be able to view player tags
  • The amount of smokes an Ifrits has been reduced from 2 to 1 per vehicle 
  • Updated APD Training Dummy to reflect changes made to the Player Interaction menu 
  • Storing or Claiming Vigilante arrest will now properly warn that arrests will not stack with previous arrest or arrest gained after storing
  • Vehicles no longer lose insurance when adding them into a gang garage
  • Gang Base is now always a Red Zone and instead the zone size increases when a Gang Base skirmish occurs and decreases afterwards 
  • The APD armed prowler during a large APD escort now always spawns rather than being dependent on APD population
  • Vigilante can no longer restrain Medics
  • Medics now gain 10K instead of 7.5K from revives when buddied up
  • Disallowed the ability to respawn within areas covered in an NLR zone
  • New players now get a warning about spawning within Kavala
  • Prices of all LMG magazines rebalanced in Rebel, Blackmarket & APD Weapon shops
  • APD lethal authorization now applies to both POs and Deputies instead of only POs
  • SWAT changes
    • SWAT I given MXM & Carrier Lite
    • SWAT II given MXSW
    • SWAT IV given GL Carrier Rig


  • APD Undercover rank icons
  • Networking optimizations regarding database queries
  • Vehicle ammo refilling ATs to 12 instead 4 
  • Ear Plugs being removed when being restrained
  • Converted more legacy hints into the new hints
  • PO not having lethals while in vehicles after authorization from higher up 
  • Combat log arrest not increasing vigilante arrest stat 
  • Hint for Restart Time Adjustment not going away
  • Stopped allowing bomb to be planted at Federal Reserve before bolt cutting the doors
  • SWAT officers not receiving point capture rewards while in a vehicle 
  • DP11 Vigilante buy hut and surrounding objects
  • Warzone Echo Conquest point object issues
  • Vehicle ammo not refilling after Arma update
  • Spike strips not disabling vehicles
  • Redundancy in the RNR helmet shop
  • Therisa Peach Field not working
  • Virtual inventory toolkit not allowing medics to repair broken walls and objects
  • Vigilantes not receiving an arrest after sending someone who combat logged
  • Silencers not being removed from backpack or vest during APD seize 
  • APD members not receiving seized reward from airdrops if they were in a vehicle 
  • Having dead SWAT members count towards the cop count required to start a federal event
  • Not being able to flip the APD escort vehicle once its flipped 
  • Medic vehicle security trackers not showing up on the map
  • Players having their banks reset when receiving money while in the loading screen 
  • The hint when putting oil items into a non-fuel variant vehicle 
  • Optimized damage handlers 
  • Casino winnings stat reaching a cap in value
  • In-game Changelogs not displaying when they were too long
  • Some vehicle rearming after or during an event 
  • Purchasing Mk14 10rnd mags giving Rahim mags


  • Texture Removals:
    • Even Stranger Things Billboard 
    • McOlympus Ifrit
    • SFA Gang Uniform
    • 88 Gang Uniform
    • Silla Gang Unifom
    • Cumslut Gang Uniform
  • The ability to contest cartels from the water

As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.



Recommended Comments

On 6/1/2021 at 11:52 AM, Gen. Henry Arnold said:

Upgraded voice codec for in-game VON

They had it turned way down in the config for some reason

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18 hours ago, Bubbaloo Burrito said:

This is all amazing but I’m worried about this

“Disallowed the ability to respawn within areas covered in an NLR zone”

@ Doc . I respawn regularly to pay taxes on my different houses. Does this mean that if I respawned while being in my Kavala house to go to pay taxes on my Kavala rebel garage, I won’t be able to spawn back in my Kavala house? 

I get it for players who get killed but not if you respawn. That wouldn’t exactly be fair. What is your take on this? 

@ Venomm hey bro. Do you know anything on this? 

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7 minutes ago, Bubbaloo Burrito said:

@ Venomm hey bro. Do you know anything on this? 

Seems pretty straight foward, preventing NLR breaking. Talk to @ Doc for any other inquiries about this feature!

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4 hours ago, Venomm said:

Seems pretty straight foward, preventing NLR breaking. Talk to @ Doc for any other inquiries about this feature!

Well yeah. It was about my concern. Just trying to get someone to clarify that. Thanks though. 

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