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Altis Life Update - 7.02.01



Update time is here lad and lass',

As of now update 7.02.01 has been pushed to the servers and will go live (if it hasn't by the time you read this) on the next restart. This update in particular marks an important time in the Olympus community's development history as after hearing from the community, our founder Poseidon has found the trust needed to allow myself the ability to push updates to the live servers as they are needed. I'd like to thank both Poseidon for the trust that he is putting in me and thank the community for the support that I have received these past few days. The development team as a whole does work to get what we can to the servers in a timely fashion and now with this new ability, hopefully we will be able to get those patches and features fixed and added respectively for everyone to play with.

All of that said, changes for 7.02.01 are more of a patch than anything else. Details can be found below:

  • Medic SUV lights should no longer stay on the ground.
  • APD have had their equipment changed:
    • MXC has been removed from the APD.
    • Patrol Officers have been granted access to the MX.
    • Patrol Officers have been granted access to the Police vest previously restricted to Corporals and above.
    • Uniforms for SGTs have been fixed.
    • Pricing for the P07 has been corrected to $10 for all ranks.
  • APD have had their vehicle allocations changed:
    • APD Ghosthawk is now available to Sgts and above.
    • APD Hellcats are now restricted to Dep. Chiefs and above. Any Sgt or Lt with a Hellcat need to sell the bird or risk having it removed without compensation.
    • APD Striders are now available to Lts and above.
  • Turtle selling was investigated both on local development environments and on the live servers, but no issues were determined. Please ensure that you are carrying turtles on you and are attempting to sell at the Turtle Dealer Southeast of Pyrgos.

If you encounter a bug at any time, please report them via the Olympus Support System (http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/). Make sure to choose "Bug Report" for the Department.



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4 minutes ago, D3V1L said:

Im guessing the .45 was added by mistake to cop shop? Can't buy its mags as it kicks you.

On purpose, the issue with mags will be fixed soon.

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The biggest news from this update is that updates can now be put through without Poseidon. A lot of the necessary gameplay changes probably will not be dealt with until the remake.

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  • Admin

I am very hyped now knowing that Mr. Odin has the chance to push updates out without the need of a formal approval.  I know you guys will make this place shine.  Remember we are going to be here until the end.  We don't want there to be an end though, we want this to be the place people want to keep coming back for and I know for a fact it's heading there..... Great job!

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I am in agree that the fact Odin can push out updates is the best part of this update.


Regarding this update, I am totes ditching my primary and going full fledged .45 warrior. 

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