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Altis Life Update - 1/11/18




  • Manually added charge for "Aiding in Pharm. Robbery" for $40,000


  • Vigilantes can no longer instant un-restrain
  • Players who are ziptied can be unrestrained without lockpicks (players restrained by the APD will require lockpicks to unrestrain)
  • Type 115 Black is now non-lethal, Type 115 camo is now lethal
  • Cops must be within 5km of the seized escort vehicle to receive payment
  • Vigilante shops now sell gun licenses
  • Vigilante shops now sell the proper type of 9mm Sting magazine
  • Adjusted login screen image to reflect current server information


  • Robbing a player of their weapon will now drop the magazine that is loaded
  • Fixed text in some hints
  • Rob gear related exploit
  • Jail related exploit
  • Martial Law scroll wheel action has been made colored
  • All mis-spellings of Pyrgos have been corrected AFAIK


  • Old Loadscreen image
  • Cash pickup adjustment modifier when amounts over $2,000,000


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17 hours ago, G. Max said:

So with the new Vigi Unrestrain does this change the rule about unrestraining gang mates while restrained by Cops?

Right, yes it does. Forgot to make that update. Thanks for posting.

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