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Altis Life Update - 2/8/18 - Its Thursday My Dudes




  • Gang Garage
    • Accessed only at your gang shed
    • Any rank can store vehicles and/or add them to the gang garage
      • Add vehicles to the gang garage through gang shed menu
      • Functions similar to claiming an illegal vehicle
      • Gang vehicles can be stored at any location where personal vehicles can be stored
    • Rank 2+ can pull vehicles from the gang garage
      • ALL gang members online at the time will get keys to the vehicle
      • Any gang member who doesn't have keys can get them by Windows Key + "Get Keys" on the vehicle
    • Max of 20 vehicles per gang
  • Cartel Garages
    • You can now look at any of the cartel flags and spawn vehicles from your personal garage
    • Each cap has two spawn points
  • New Market System
    • 3 Types - Food, Legal, and Illegal
    • Selling 1 item of one of the above types will cause all others in that type group to go up in price
    • Prices will not raise/lower over time (by server), the market is solely based on what players sell. No random generation of fake numbers, etc.
  • Ability to pay off bounties
    • Bounty must be under $125,000
    • You can pay it off at one of the 4 major cities (courthouse)
  • Hotkey to pull spike strips
    • Bound to Custom Action key 15 (same as medic road kit)
    • Cops only, civilians still need to use them from the y-menu
  • Sending bones to jail will now give money to cops and vigilantes
    • Player who tased and/or restrained the individual MUST be either a cop or vigilante
    • Anyone can send the bones to jail, the individual who tased and/or restrained will get the compensation.
  • Earplugs now have two levels of effectiveness
  • New Earplugs hotkey - Shift + O
    • Custom Action 12 still works as before
  • Confirmation menus added
    • When buying a weapon if you already have one
    • When selling a vehicle
    • When starting/ending martial law
  • Ability to turn off emergency lights on vehicles
    • Use windows key option on the vehicle
  • APD Quadbikes for Patrol Officer+ 
  • Carrier GL Rig's at Rebel Clothing Shops for $55,000
  • Medic Hellcat for Coord+
  • Vehicle Lights added 
    • APD Qilin
    • APD Armed Plane 


  • Admins will now have their names appear red in the admin menu
  • All CSATs and level 5 vests will now be seized by APD's seize button
  • Link to reach Support Team in Y-menu
  • Jail bomb timer decreased from 20 to 15 minutes
  • Bomb timer(s) will now show for cops that join during an active fed/jail/bw/escort event
  • APD Deputy Tactical Vest re-added
  • APD will now be able to check vehicle speed with all weapons. 
  • EOD Vest's price lowered to $45,000
  • RPG-7 will now be able to destroy most armored vehicles with 1 hit
  • Compressed several textures to lower mission file size
  • Medic map markers will now use the civilian spawn markers instead of hospitals to generate population number on spawn screen
  • Increased chance of getting a titan from Blackwaters
  • War Market Weapon NPC will now be it's own NPC. The clothing shop is still shared on the same NPC.
  • Warzone rebel vehicle NPC has been placed inside a building
  • Blocked Jump Spots(2) at the Federal Reserve
  • Removed jail rocks and placed 2 deer stands in place
  • Neochori APD HQ and Athira APD HQ design adjustments
  • New Checkpoint designs
  • All number edit menus will now have a default of 0 instead of 1 - forcing you to enter a qty.
    • Reminder: You can double click on an item to select its entire amount!
  • Server 3 lock/unlock script
    • Server will now be open 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Optimized some stuff...


  • Bergen backpacks will now properly hold 120 slots after logging off/restart/disconnect etc.
  • Cartel capture bar will now properly show contested status when capped at 100%
  • Cop lethal payouts should now be more reliable
  • Cops restrained next to each other will no longer be restrained indefinitely
  • Gas station robberies will now stop if robber is restrained
  • Killing OR tasing a unit who is in the process of chopping a vehicle will now stop the chopping process
  • Medic Hummingbird and M-900 lights
  • Un-restrain action will now properly cancel if the target is escorted, the unit dies, etc.
  • Medic name not showing up properly on buddy request.
  • Added distance checks to bolt cutters
  • Escort vehicles can no longer be loaded into a Blackfish
  • Cop & Medic lights on the Hellcat should show better.
  • Cop Enter as Passenger will now work on the Qilin
  • 3 to 1 script has been adjusted to properly recognize firearms on nearby players
  • Issues with saving medic gear to the database
  • When dead the timers will now use the server time to patch potential exploit attempts to save gear beyond 15 minutes
  • Dropping keys will now remove the proper person from the vehicle owners list
    • Also resolves a cop slim jim bug


  • Obsolete licenses from Tanoa will be removed from you upon first connection
  • Shift + 7 handcuff sound
  • Compact NVGs from Blackwater loot
  • Hunting Zone
  • APD Jeeps
  • 3Rips Warzone Cartel and DP9 cartel
  • DP22 Checkpoint
  • Like 24
  • Kreygasm 1
  • Hmm 1


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  • Senior Admin
11 minutes ago, Jesse said:

Added now.

Nothing was changed with EpiPens. Depends on who killed you thought too. If lethaled by a cop it's 7 minutes. If killed by a civ it's until server restart or you logout.

Ok i'm a dummy

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