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  1. @GummyCow 17 wow im so proud of you !!!!

  2. Headless client raped asylum please no
  3. How many byes have mc had in gang wars? Just wondering..

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    2. RambleR


      Rather get a bye than not be able to play, have fun watching tom. Not sure why you care so much.

    3. 7om


      i have community service anyway but im just saying :) 

    4. SystemChips


      Not sure about 1 and 2, and not sure if this one has been released yet but 3 byes from gang wars 4-9 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v9TqY6YzulU60IFnfz3bZdeRe7KlDydE3fU7HH00QI0/edit#gid=69392031

  4. They still haven't fixed naked bug :huh:

    1. DeadPool1337
    2. 7om


      Talking about BI , its been a thing for 2 years

    3. Jmb


      Olympus can easily fix it too, smack something like this onto a button/hotkey, @Serpico

      player setUnitLoadout getUnitLoadout player;
      [] call fn_playerskins;


  5. My vac ban was over 1,000 days ago. I got banned for having my WarZ cheats open while playing cs. Never cheated on cs tho
  6. Good for you and thanks for putting the time in for making new cartel areas for the community. But please at least make it better for defense.
  7. No one wants to fight at those. They look like frame drop city / aids and no cover for defense. Everyone keep fighting at og / church anyway.
  8. No Arms Dealer / Dirty money yet? Nice update tho some nice small patches.
  9. fix the damn blackwater cars

    1. Ignis


      That's in the next patch

    2. Fuzy


      Right? Couldn't get my ifrit. :(

  10. Big towers are cancer regardless. Remove the North West cap on that castle and remove the big tower at salt falts. We will be good for sure if that happens!
  11. The cartel on the south flats with the church is a good spot. One thing bad about it is the big tower. Remove that and replace it with a command center or another deer stand.
  12. No problem man
  13. Who are you? Are you even relevant enough to quote me?
  14. Hey Peter, can complexity sign up here now since the asylum vs olympus gang wars isn't a thing anymore? @Peter Long
  15. We made it boys


    1. Orgondo


      What in the fuck

  16. Do a All-Star game please.
    1. G.O.A.T.


      I watched this live, too funny.

  17. Happy Birthday Dear Friend @babooshka 

  18. Leaders weren't allowed to play its not a big deal. Everyone who had the right spawn had a big advantage over the left. I could care less but Moob seems to finally be excited to have a win under there belt after 6 tries.
  19. You are so fucking stupid if you think any of us cheat. Its not hard to buy a big mouse pad you fuck.
  20. when ever mc fight at a cartel
  21. show up to a cartel and this will happen again!