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Altis Life Update - Early April Update




  • Medical drug dispensary in Pyrgos Hospital (sell drugs here)
  • Kavala is a KOS zone (huge shoutout to this lad for the idea, go upvote him)
  • Rebel desroyer to Kavala bay
  • Bridge to Kavala HQ
  • Another Boat to Kavala HQ
  • Carrier to bottleneck rebel
  • Big tower added to Kavala Square
  • Floating house to Kavala
  • Self defense P07 for RnR personnel



  • Medical NPCs are now armed
  • Kavala Medical NPCs have been converted to rebel resistance
  • Sofia Hospital has been converted to a medical gang hideout
  • Pyrgos hospital has been converted into a tent
  • Updated loading screen background (@thor)
  • Updated CSAT uniform texture
  • Updated cop hatchback textures
  • Athira Rebel now has 4x the big towers!



  • Login credit titles



  •  Kavala Vigi, fuck vigis


Thanks to the whole development & design staff, we have an early update this month! Special thanks to @Mr GOAT , @Ross_ for the brilliant ideas and  @Mako, @thor for the wonderful execution!

As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

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This server is becoming more of a pvp server then an RP server (barely was an RP server anyways) and I dont really agree with it but this seems like it could be fun.

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