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Altis Life Hotfix - 2/03/19 - Colored Titles




  • Underglow
    • Supporter - Offroad
    • MVP - SUV
    • VIP - Hatchback Sport
    • Elite - Striders/Ifrits/Hunters
    • Everyone - Quadbikes
      • Notes:
      • To activate, get in a vehicle as the driver and go to your keychain in the y-menu, there will be a new button there for underglow.
      • If you would like more colors, suggest them on the forums. Along with that please report any bugs ASAP :)
      • Due to how arma handles lighting you might see a few flashes or at time not see the light altogether, this is an engine limitation and there is nothing much we can do about it. 
      • Currently working on a way so that underglow will be seen at larger distances and during daytime without much of a performance hit.
  • Cops can now seize cash (not bank money) of players
    • Players are now also notified of exactly what seizure type is performed
    • Cops can see how much cash is on hand by searching player
    • Money seizure is broadcast in-side chat for everyone
  • Money Swag hatchback opened to $500 donors and higher
  • Medic dispatches will now update location each time a new one is sent
    • Medic dispatches will also now display in side chat so you can re-read if needed
  • Medics are able to lock up houses after they use a fireaxe
  • APD Staff Rank (Rank 4)
    • Access to all Sergeant Weapons / Accessories
    • No ghosthawks
    • Corporal Uniform
    • Staff Corporal rank insignia
    • Access to APD Hunter
  • New Warzone rebel
    • Qilins added to chief
    • Carrier Rig re-added for LT+


    • Distance from cartels for non-war warpoints lowered a smidgen
    • Cops will now be able to see illegal uniforms in search menu if it is illegal
    • You can now give items in different number formats (ex, "01" will work now. You do not NEED to replace the 0)
    • Medics no longer have "body armor" if in events
    • Oil Pro map marker
    • Stolen vehicle list displays messages when nothing is missing


    • Vigilante Buddy system should now payout correctly
    • Can now get names of boat drivers with binoculars/rangefinders/titans
    • Medic ranks titles work again
    • Vigilante's can now seize firing pins again
    • Medic DP missions, again...
    • Fixed exploit with re-assembling firing pin in vehicles
    • Corporals can no longer search houses
    • APD Training Dummy
    • Give button no longer shows in search menu for APD


    • NLR messages at Cartels
    • Catching fish in restraints

    HOTFIX #1

    • Colored Titles
      • $15 Donator
        • Orange
      • $30 Donator
        • Yellow
      • $50 Donator
        • Blue
        • Dodger Blue
        • Light Blue
        • Turquoise
      • $100 Donator
        • Hot Pink
      • $250 Donator
        • Green
    • Fixed Texture related to Ifrit
    • Added 4 new Hunter Textures 
    • $250 Donators will now actually be able to buy the money hatchback
    • APD / RNR will no longer be able to send a dispatch to their respective faction while on-duty
    • Underglow for SUV - $50 -> $30

    As always if a bug is found please submit a bug report in https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/



    Recommended Comments

    • Senior Designer
    51 minutes ago, TheCmdrRex said:

    Very hard fix. I worked very hard on this.

    Tyvm, hate processing someone whilst all their attention is being drawn towards fishing.  Good job Mister Rex.

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    • Owner
    3 hours ago, Weird Flex But Ok said:

    Really hope the APD money thing is not abused,

    If it is, then make sure to record it so @Dante can give them a good ole clapping 

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    58 minutes ago, GHOSTK1LL3R said:

    What about warpoint terminal??

    That's the donation goal for this month, thus will be hopefully implemented next month.

    We meet the goals one month, then they are implemented usually in an update the following month.

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    2 hours ago, John Wayne said:

    top 10 richest players that got wiped skin for 500$ donators who didnt get their accounts wiped.............................. makes sense


    guess nothing is held sacred

    Doesn’t make sense to hold up mission file space for the 2 out of 10 people who actually play that own the texture.

    It not even like it was removed from them either.

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    1 hour ago, John Wayne said:

    i Would agree with that except in the same update you added a quilin skin for one guy.

    I can’t blame you there. I too question why that was approved....

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    19 hours ago, TheCmdrRex said:

    I can’t blame you there. I too question why that was approved....

    It doesn't even have a skin on it and it's for all rank 7 whitelists.

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    18 hours ago, NokiaStrong said:
    • Added 4 new Hunter Textures 

    for what tier donators and send pics

    No dono tier  and the one in the cop area one Tex and 3 soild color ones forgot what colors I put :p

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