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Altis Life Update - "The Summer Update" - 7/14/19




  • Pyrgos Bank of Altis
    • New illegal activity for civilians to attempt
      • Not considered a federal event
        • APD is not required to attend, however they are encouraged
      • Blasting charge on vault needed to start heist
      • 10 minute bomb timer
      • Minimum of 5 cops needed to start heist
      • New Item: Money Bags
        • Only obtainable from the bank vault
        • One bag is worth 30k
        • One bag has a virtual weight of 4
        • Bags can be sold to any drug dealer
        • Considered an illegal item and can be seized by police
      • Two new charges:
        • Attempted Bank Robbery
        • Aiding in a Bank Robbery
      • Bank is still a legal area during heist
      • Bank heist is intended for smaller gangs
    • Bank located in Pyrgos
    • Will be closely monitored for success rates and appropriately balanced
    • Once balanced, another bank may be added somewhere on the map
    • Also added new "Bank of Altis" billboard
  • Listing Houses
    • Civilians can now list their houses for sale at a custom price
      • You can do this by using the button on the house menu
      • Your house will only be able to be spawned at and locked/unlocked while listed
      • Your house is still subject to inactivity removal if you fail to refresh your deed
      • There is a 5% listing fee (minimum 75k, caps at 1 million) for listing your house
    • Other players can find these houses through the realtor map
      • They are dignified at this time with the same color
      • They have a different symbol (cross)
      • This will contain information such as the seller name, inventory caps, and asking price
    • Other players can purchase the house with the same method as normal
      • Existing inventory will transfer to the new owner
      • Existing upgrades will transfer to the new owner
      • Player keys will wipe
    • You will receive 100% of the listed price when sold
      • You can go to any realtor to check for money to receive it
      • If you have waiting money when logging in, the realtor will text you himself
      • If you are on the same server at the time of purchase you will also be notified
  • Vehicle Transferring
    • Only works for civilians (due to faction rank discrepancy)
    • Option to select player to transfer to at garage menu
    • Can transfer any vehicle
    • All mods and insurance will transfer
    • Skins and colors will not (due to donor vehicles)
  • 1% increase in processing speed for illegal drugs for every cop online
    • This caps at a 10% increase
  • Cop can revive each other without "Allow Epipen" selected
  • 15 minute cooldown for faction switch on same server
  • Title colors now continue to apply over sessions
  • New Player Starter Vehicle
    • Free Offroad for new players with no other vehicles
    • Must have less than 100k
    • Must have less than 10 hours on civilian
    • Automatically added to garage upon login
  • Hint for robbing gas stations notifying that it is not a KOS area
  • RnR Titles for repairs and impounds (not Windows key impound).
  • APD Titles for Anti-Air repairs
  • Clothing bug fix binding
    • Press Shift + F7 to refresh your loadout
    • If you find any issues with this one (such as dupes or exploits), please contact a Senior Developer
    • This is logged and any abuse will be found and banned for
  • Players can now use ' T ' to open Federal Reserve and Bank Vault instead of scroll wheel
  • Passive Perks can now be seen by hovering over corresponding titles in the y-menu
  • Title for Discord Nitro Boosters
  • July 4th Celebration (Till July 31st)
    • Fireworks Purchasable
    • Fireworks can be used every 20 seconds
    • Added "American Superiority" Offroad
    • Added "American Pride" Shirt
  • New Pyrgos Chop Shop
  • Another Rebel Outpost on Warzone
  • Sting 9mm back to Deputies
  • Fashionably late "Happy 420" Shirt
  • New "Dab" Shirt
  • Kavala Info Center billboard
  • New Rebel "Vandalized APD" Hatchback Skin


  • Civilian Ghosthawk's armor against titans now matches that of cop Ghosthawk
  • Blackfish prices increased to 1 million for both
  • Vigilantes no longer need a primary weapon in hands to restrain/escort players
  • Loading lethals requires a reload
  • Bait cars now randomly select a civilian to display onto the registration
  • Salt Flats Blackwater cooldown reduced to 25 minutes after bomb is planted (instead of 35)
  • Cops with no weapon drawn do not apply to check on restraining tased cops (3 to 1 script)
  • Moonshine max price lowered by $1,000
  • Loading loadouts now doesn't use an animation and is similar to processing
  • Defuse Kits are now permanent y-inventory items for APD
  • Medics now receive 20k per revive and 10k per dopamine administration
  • Cartel caps now require a gun caliber of 5.56 or higher to be present to cap
  • Medics will now receive half payouts at federal events instead of nothing
  • It now only takes 2 seconds to get names with rangefinders
  • No more combat log bones spawned for APD, RnR, and Admins
  • Blackfishes can now be claimed
  • Dopamine Crate markers will now update every minute if the crate is moved
  • Heroin Processor moved closer to field
  • Kavala Drug Dealer moved higher north
  • Significantly updated jail bridge layout
  • A previously added Blackwater tower was removed
  • Pyrgos courthouse moved away from location of new bank
  • Cleanup Script
    • If a hatchback or suv is in warzone and no people are within 20 meters, then it will delete
    • All vehicles around Altis should despawn if no people within 150 meters and there is a dead guy in the vehicle
  • Turtle Meat weight reduced from 4 to 3


  • Exploit related to soft logging and jail time
  • Restricted houses will not allow windows key to work on them
  • Titles UI is now clean
  • Double processed drugs now increment stats with regular drugs
  • Dopamine Crates Payouts
  • Event Reward Payouts
  • Admin In-game Money Compensations
  • Kidney's not adding to inventory when inventory was full
  • Vehicle Refund BattleEye kicks
  • APD Slim Jim's
  • How lockpicks are handled with windows key
  • Optimized surrendering to no longer tank performance
  • Hopefully fixed bugs related to hands being stuck when surrendering
  • Bugs related to loading loadouts
  • Cop count (for federal event bombs, pharmas, etc.) adding players who aren't whitelisted trying to log on cop
  • Neochori spawn is now random
  • Air service stations now work
  • Dopamine Crate marker now stays for full duration of crate placement
  • Medic hospital scroll wheel options
  • Medic DP missions
  • Server 3 will now auto-kick people who join before it locks
  • APD MX Mag variants are now black again
  • Errors on billboards and signs causing errors


  • Medic Betting
  • Medic Invoicing
  • Warpoints from killing cops at active federal events
  • Pyrgos Airfield (only service station left)
  • Civilian Louis Vuitton shirt
  • Civilian Patriots Jersey
  • Permanently removed underglow (This most likely will never come back. It has had a largely negative effect on performance)


Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed Wire Transferring
  • Fixed Client Side Map Objects
    • Gates at Bank
    • Deerstands at new rebel
    • Buyhut at new rebel
  • Fixed South Air NPC Action
  • Fixed Check on Listing Houses without enough money to pay fee
  • Fixed Processing not going past 1%
  • Added "American Superiority" Offroad to 50 Cal 


Hotfix #2:

  • Medical Assistance now replenishes thirst and hunger
  • Listing houses now takes a 5% fee instead of 50% (yikes)
  • New Rebel now will not allow for spawning in it and NLR bubble wont appear
  • More Wire Transferring fixes
  • New Olympus News Live screen broadcast on all PC screens
  • New Shop Signs around parts of the map
    • Save-A-Cent Market
    • Urban Clothing Store
    • Altis Department of Motor Vehicles
    • 24/7 General Store
    • Blood Bath & Beyond Gun Store
    • Dynasty 7 Reality
  • New Parking Spaces in Kavala Square
  • Updated APD Uniforms
    • New Deputy Uniform
    • New PO Uniform
    • Two new Corporal Uniforms
  • New Elite Donor AHP Orca
  • Added check on vehicle transferring for insufficient garage space of recipient
  • Vehicle Transfers must now be at least minute apart
  • Removed Cop Count Checks on:
    • Hacking all anti-air devices
    • Opening the safe for Federal Reserves and Banks
  • Fixed some new Medic Titles
  • Added two minute delay to vehicle transfers
  • Removed the "Faction Command" APC
  • Moved and removed some jail and bank cranes


Hotfix #3:

  • Fixed false check on selling double processed drugs
  • Gangs with only gang rank 3 on should now be on war invite list properly
  • New vehicle skins are moved to revert back changed skins (This means your skins might've changed again, I've learned my lesson)
  • Removed broken option to sell WPL license
  • "Default" skin vehicles can now properly have their skin be updated in the mod shop
  • Wire transferring fixes *hopefully* good now
  • Attempted to capture cartel without 5.56 weapon has been improved for holstering
  • New AHP Orca is now a non-donor skin and is also able to be equipped in the mod shop
  • *Hopefully* fixed vehicle transferring
  • Pulling vehicles from garage now has more accurate radius depending on vehicle type. This should fix Kavala car spawns
  • Reverted the previous hotfixes Deputy and Patrol Officer uniform changes
  • Updated the new AHP Orca texture based on feedback
  • Fixed ATM at new warzone rebel


As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.


Notes:  Finally the update is here. Sorry for the delay. There has been a lot of posts about it, so I am not going to get into details. It is quite big, so there is expected to be bugs. Please report these!!!

Special thanks to @zoomzooooooom for staying up late and helping me with some map design stuff on a few nights. 

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2 minutes ago, Millennium said:

well yeah I know u cant at a Pharma. always considered it like 'semi' federal event

Im saying yes its the same do not tase cops

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  • Wheelchair access to all R&R Locations

sorry @Coffee. We'll get you in there somehow. 




  • Dopamine Crates Payouts



Thanks for putting in the work! 

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We need to keep things looking fresh with new designs. If you guys want it back, we could make it happen for another few months. Well work it out. Nothing is ever gone, just rotated.

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1 hour ago, Gluxdator said:

We need to keep things looking fresh with new designs. If you guys want it back, we could make it happen for another few months. Well work it out. Nothing is ever gone, just rotated.

We need AHP Orcas

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